Windows Will Eat 4GB of Your Precious DATA Soon! Here’s How to Stop it!

Guys Microsoft just released a massive update to Windows 10! It’s called the big Anniversary Update. If you are a developer who have used Linux before and have dreamed to have some cool Linux stuff on Windows, you are going to get a big gift! Canonical (The company behind Ubuntu) have worked with Microsoft to bring some pieces of Linux to Windows. Specially the bash shell. I’m not going to talk about these changes much. My friend Ayesh (A Windows user) have done that for you.

Now for most of us this is great news. But if you have a limited bandwidth connection, and always keep an eye on your data usage so you won’t go over the limit, you might face some issues this month because Windows will automatically download the anniversary update which is nearly 4GB in size! Cool isn’t it?

Well, we need our data! Let’s see how to save it.

The best way to stop the update is to kill the update service! Yeah we are going to get our hands dirty…

  • First go to start and enter services and select services.

Windows Services

  • Now locate Windows Update and double click on it.
  • In here, for startup type, set disabled and Stop the service.

Disable Windows 10 Update

Congrats! Now your data is safe! But I recommend you to install this update. Better do a fresh install if it’s ok with you. To do it, you can use the Windows Media Creation Tool.

TIP : If you don’t want to go through the media creation tool and want to directly download the ISO, go to the link I shared above using a non Windows machine.

Now, you can wait till you have enough data and download the update when you are ready! For Sri Lankan users, there’s always Dialog time based packages. For this, better use the 2 hour package (KBB 50) because Microsoft servers are slow and it might take some time. Enjoy the new update!