Tasty.lk : Find the Best Place to Fill Your Tummy in Sri Lanka

Hungry? Need a good place to dine? No idea how good the food will be? What if there’s a magical place which can give you all these information. Ratings, prices, places around you… Well, its the age of technology and there’s a solution for almost anything. In Sri Lanka also people are now getting into the cloud. So, if you want to find a good place to eat, you need to try Tasty.lk .

Where to eat? What are the nearest restaurants?

Tasty.lk is a social network for people that eat! When you visit Tasty.lk, first they’ll ask you one simple question… Where will you eat today ? In the search box right below the question, you can search by the name of the city you are in, the restaurant name or by the type of food you want to eat right now. Time to fill that tummy!


If you go to the Nearby section, it will automatically detect your location and list all the restaurants in your area. Cool isn’t it? On a side note.. It won’t work well if you are using a desktop machine. Try to use a mobile device which have GPS capability.

Rate and review restaurants

This website allows you to rate and review the restaurant you just visited. If you received an excellent service, you can share it. If you are not satisfied with the service you received, you can share it too, so others can read and stay away from those nasty places. And if you want to do this anonymously so that the mean restaurant owner won’t strangle you, you can do it in here privately without even creating an account. Shh!

Read the reviews, check the ratings, opening hours, prices, what they have to offer before you eat!


Most of the times we go to a restaurant without knowing much about the place. But if you check Tasty.lk you can learn a lot. Read the reviews, rating and see whether it’s a good place to visit. See whether it’s open or not without going all the way to the place and learning that it’s closed! Check the average prices. The prices they post are the average prices. Sometimes they change. I don’t think its a good idea to check the average price. It would be great if the developers can add a full price list. This is very important. Once I visited one of my favorite restaurants and ordered some dishes. The curry is a new one. I din’t ask for the price because I visited that place before and knew the average price. After eating I got the bill… The curry is a bit too expensive and I didn’t had money! Fortunately I had my card. Check the prices before you eat or wash the dishes!

The website will also show you what facilities the restaurant offer. Does it offer buffet, is it pure vegetarian, does it deliver food, does it have outdoor dining, does they accept credit cards, is it family friendly, and more… You can even check the photos other people have uploaded to get a rough idea about the place.

Extremely user-friendly and good looking

The website have a clean design. One of the best looking websites in Sri Lanka. As a web designer I can say that this website is very well designed. Bravo! The look is clean and easy on the eyes. For new users, learning how to get around will be easy.

The website is mobile friendly but…

Yes there’s a big BUT! Why? Because there’s no mobile app (like Android and iOS app). The reason this is a big problem is that when we go outside, the device we carry most of the times is the smart phone. That’s what most people will use to rate their restaurants. But unfortunately Tasty.lk doesn’t have a native mobile app. I think the developers should focus on getting one out soon. If they can do it, I think their cool service will get even more popular.

So, next time before you go to a restaurant, read the reviews and know the place before even going there without complaining after getting a terrible service from a place you have visited for the first time in your life!