Gnome TouchPad Click is Not Working

Ok you just installed Linux on your laptop and found out that you can’t click anything by tapping on your touchpad! I faced the same issue after installing Arch Linux on my notebook. I’m not talking about complete Gnome touchpad malfunction (If that’s the problem you need to install the correct drivers)… I can still move the mouse but can’t click by tapping.

Is it a bug? I don’t think so. For whatever reason (might be because some touchpads have separate buttons to click) your system have disabled the tap to click option in Gnome. Enable that option and your problem will be solved!

How To Enable Tap to click on Gnome

No need to do any hacks and complex tricks. This is very easy.

  • Simply go to Settings (Click Activities and search for ‘Settings’)
  • Click on Mouse & Touchpad and put the tick on Tap to click as seen on the screenshot :

Gnome taptoclick

Now you are good to go! If you face problems like this, let us know. We’ll try our best to bring the best solution for you!