Mac OS X vs Linux : What is The Best Windows Alternative? Mac or Linux

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Mac OS X vs Linux, this is not an easy debate. Most of us start with Windows because it’s the most commonly used OS. But that doesn’t mean its the best. Many migrate to other alternatives according to their needs. But the recent the Windows 8 release made some users to leave Windows. For some its really good but for some it’s not. Windows now have a problem. So, if you ever decide to ditch Windows, what will you pick? Mac or Linux?

Why Windows is more popular?

The biggest reason for Windows’s popularity is the support from manufacturers! Most of the PCs and Notebooks come with Windows pre-installed! Only an experienced user who have already used a different OS will try to change it. People like Dell and HP have already started to ship Linux pre-installed machines. But still it’s not enough to beat Windows. Mac also have their own machines. So, they both stay ahead of Linux. Not good for Mac OS X vs Linux battle.

Mac and Linux have some similarities…

Mac OS X is based on Unix. They take Unix and add their own GUI to it. GNU/Linux is like Unix but it’s not Unix. Richard Stalleman wanted to build a free, open sourced and a better system than Unix. So, he built his own system from scratch by looking at Unix. He called it GNU. GNU means, Gnu INot Unix! After adding the Linux kernel to it, we dropped the word GNU and used Linux. But the OS is GNU.

They have a lot of differences! So, lets start the debate, Mac OS X vs Linux :

Firest of all, Linux is free and open source and Mac OS X is expensive!

The first reason you might pick Mac over Linux (in the battle of Mac OSX vs Linux) is the price. Mac is expensive. More expensive than Windows. There are many free apps for Windows which might be enough for an average user. But Mac apps are also expensive. You have to pay for most of the stuff!

Mac is completely closed sourced. They take full revenge from those who copy at least a single word from their system. They take patents for every thing including every curve and line in their designs. If anyone copy them, they will go directly to the court.

Linux is completely free. If some one ask to pay you to get a Linux distribution, you can sue him. According to their license, you can’t sell it and make profits. You can get money for the service you provide, but can’t make a profit.

The Linux code is completely open sourced. You can get it and customize it in any way you want, add your name to it and distribute it to the world.

Mac OS X won’t let you customize their OS… You can customize every corner of Linux!

In OS X, you can’t customize much. You have to do things in their way. Apple will decide how your desktop will look like and how you will work with it. You must obey them. There’s no other choice! If you are a newbie who don’t do much with the computer, then OS X will be ok for you!

Linux is open sourced. You can customize every single bit of the OS if you know how to do it. Unlike other operating systems, Linux is built to support third party themes. There are high quality themes that you can use. No hacking needed. It’s originally supported. You will also get a lot of options. A lot of different desktop environments, Gnome, XFC, Cinnamon, Unity, KDE, etc… A lot of different themes… A lot of different gadgets like docks, widgets, desk lets, etc

Mac OS X vs Linux Performance…

A recent study have revealed that Ubuntu in a Mac can outperform OS X! Beating OS X in its own grounds! The clear winner is Linux…

Ease of use, ease of learning and ease of migrating from Windows…

I have tried Mac… If you are moving from Windows to OS X, you might get into trouble. Some shortcuts might not work, it will scroll in the opposite direction, more weird things will happen… Linux is also different. It have a lot of differences. But its easy to move from Windows. and its easy to learn. OsFirstTimer have released several videos on this issues. In these videos, a completely new user will face different operating systems and review them. From the systems she used, she picked Linux as the best :


When we take support, it’s a tie. Apple provide a really good support for their products. Linux have a really good support from thousands of people in the community. So, both have good support.


Earlier Apple said OS X is completely impenetrable. But recently, a mass malware attack took down thousands of Mac users. It’s not completely secure. Same goes to Linux. No mass malware attack took down Linux but still it’s not completely secure. It’s a tie. But both are better than Windows.

Mac is boring… No innovation…

People say Apple is innovative. Yes they are innovative. They release completely new awesome products. But after the initial release of the product, no major updates. No major features… No much changes… The same boring old thing will get minor updates and bug fixes for the rest of its life. Its old stuff. Boring…

Linux and Windows do complete re-designs occasionally. Linux know how to do their redesigns without killing the user. It have innovation! Mac OS X vs Linux, who is the best?

What is the most widely used OS?

You might say its Windows but it’s not. The most widely used OS is Linux! The mobile world is dominated by Android and Android is a Linux distribution. Almost 90% of web servers run Linux. Many embedded systems have Linux, Super computers run on Linux. Linux is the king…

Mac OS X vs Linux… What is the best?

Clearly, Linux is the better option. Mac users will fire at me but this is the truth. Many people buy Apple products to show that they are rich. Trust me, that’s the truth. If not, why spend a lot of money just to buy a boring old product? Their support is extremely good. Is it worth it? Once I tried to buy a new notebook and considered Mac. I was unable to find a powerful enough Mac to replace my existing old notebook! A Mac can’t replace its power. You might say you’re going for the OS X. But isn’t Linux better than OS X? If you want the OS X look, it won’t take 30 minutes to transform your Linux desktop into a Mac. But you can never transform Mac into a Linux! That’s the difference! Mac users are trapped inside Apple’s prison while Linux people are free to do anything! The clear winner in the battle of Mac OS X vs Linux is Linux!

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