Bitdefender Safepay : A More Secure Browser for Your Critical Work!

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Bitdefender Safepay Bitdefender Safepay

If you are banking online, buying things from an online store or doing other critical stuff like this, many people will try their best to get their hand on your details. Your credit card information, the passwords, user names, emails, these stuff can ruin your life if they go to the wrong hands. But, the problem is, the Internet is full of these hands trying to grab your data. Is there a way to get rid of them? You can’t get rid of every threat, but Bitdefender Safepay will help you stay away from most of them!

Bitdefender is the number one security suit in the industry and they have kept that place for years. Recently, they introduced a cool new feature in their security suit named Bitdefender Safepay. It is a browser. But not an ordinary one. Its more secure. A normal browser doesn’t enforce all the security features because it will slow down the normal browsing. But Bitdefender Safepay have them enabled.

First of all, it will scan your machine for threats and warn you if there’s something wrong. If there’s something that can tap your data and ruin your life. Then, when you deal with online banks, stores and other critical sites, it will secure your whole connection, and the browser environment you are working. It will isolate the browser from the rest of the system and make sure no one can tap into it. It also have a virtual keyboard which can be used to prevent keyloggers from logging your data and sending them to the hackers! Bitdefender Safepay can also protect you from unsecured Wi-Fi connections by securing the whole connection. Normally, if you use an unsecured public hot spot, there are a lot of chances that your data might get hacked. But Bitdefender Safepay can rescue you.

Bitdefender offered all these cool features as an add-on in their security suit. So, you need to install Bitdefender in order to get this functionality. But Bitdefender doesn’t want to keep it only for their own customers. They are getting ready to release it to every one! Now even if you don’t have Bitdefender, you can install Bitdefender Safepay Beta and use the highly secured browser for your critical work!

The product is still in beta stage and might have some bugs. But still its worth trying out because the internet is getting dangerous everyday! Bitdefender have also organized a small contest where they will give fabulous prizes to those who help them test their beta product! Download and try Bitdefender Safepay now!