Bitdefender 2014 Is Released! Its Faster, Lighter and More Secure!

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Bitdefender 2014 Bitdefender 2014

Folks at Bitdefender have just released a major upgrade to their security suits! The new Bitdefender 2014 is now available for everyone! Bitdefender started to test this new version a bit earlier than in the previous years. They released the first public beta version on March. After testing for about 4 months, they have just released the new security suit today.

Bitdefender 2014…

Bitdefender 2014 ‘s main point is speed. According to Bitdefender, their new photon technology will make things a lot lighter. That means, the anti virus will be a lot faster! Not only the anti virus, even the whole system will be faster. Normally, an anti virus can significantly slow down a computer. Some people don’t even use anti virus apps for this reason. But with this new technology, Bitdefender 2014 might change the way how people think about security suits.

Apart from the speed, there are a lot of security enhancements, enhancements to safepay, cloud anti spam and some new features. The developers have also changed the look and feel of the app. Now its even more smoother. Will glide through your system smoothly protecting every corner of it!

Currently, according to independent lab tests, Bitdefender is the number one security suit on the planet. If you read of blog earlier, you should know this. That’s why we always follow their products. Recently, they have also gained the crown in Android security which was earlier held by Trust Go. Now, if you already have Bitdefender, you can install this new version free of charge. If you want to buy it, please wait. We might hold a free giveaway of Bitdefender 2014 ! Want to grab a free key to this awesome security suit? Just be patient and wait… Also if you need to learn more on this new Bitdefender, wait for my full review.