Install Ubuntu Touch in Android : For Both Nexus and Non Nexus Devices

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Ubuntu Touch in Android Ubuntu Touch in Android

In January, Canonical revealed the details of their next big project… Ubuntu on mobile devices… For Smart Phones and Tablets! The company is planing to release Ubuntu Phone based devices to the public at the end of this year. But do we have to wait till the end of the year? Can’t we install Ubuntu Touch in Android devices? Yes we can!

Android is the leading mobile OS in the world. It’s a big success. People say Linux is not that popular. But they are wrong… If we look carefully, Android is a Linux distribution! It runs on Linux! So, can’t we install another Linux distribution on a device built for Android? Yes we can!

Ubuntu have officially released guides and ROMs to install Ubuntu Touch in Android Nexus devices. So, only Nexus devices can have Ubuntu Touch? Wrong! Many developers from the community have joined Ubuntu to make Ubuntu Touch work in other Android devices. These ROMs are not officially supported. But if you have the guts, you can try them.

Ubuntu Touch for Android is still a baby…

I do not recommend normal users to try this because Ubuntu Touch is still under development and may contain a lot of bugs. It can be really unstable. So, make sure you know what you are doing!

How To Install Ubuntu Touch in Android :

Note : If you are not an advanced user who don’t know about rooting, please leave this guide now!

Before starting : Please note that this procedure will make you loose all your data in the device.

Things you need :

Where to find the right guide :

  • Go to Ubuntu Touch devices page and select your device’s status page :

  • Once in the status page, follow the URL to  ”Install instructions” which might sometimes point to XDA developers

I can’t post the exact steps in here because they change from device to device. Its not harder than normal rooting. You just have to boot into the Clock Work recovery and install the ROM just like you install a normal Android ROM. Again I’m telling… Do not try this if you are new to rooting!