Windows 9 Might Be Released Next Year Without the Start Button!

Windows 9 Image Source : kevboard

Microsoft released Windows 8 at the end of last year. According to the rumors, they have already started working on the next version of Windows, the Windows 9 and they claim Microsoft might release it on 2014! Normally, Microsoft won’t release new versions that fast…

Remember what happened to Windows Vista? Vista became a big failure and the company started to fall with it. So, Microsoft decided to release Windows 7 earlier than the planned date. Can it be the same reason why they are releasing Windows 9 immediately?

Can be… Many people hate Windows 8… In many blogs, people discuss only about the big UI change of Windows 8. That’s only one big problem… But there are many more issues… You can’t partition some Windows 8 pre-installed machines, you can’t install another version of Windows or Linux in some of those machines… More hardware issues pointing to the new OS (I didn’t pint them… Hp did…)… There are endless problems and even the manufacturers fail to give a correct solution! I just gave back the laptop I bought on December for a refund!

Microsoft might be trying to correct their mistakes with Windows 9. But according to rumors, they won’t add the mostly anticipated start menu back to Windows 9! Do you think it can fix Windows 8’s issues?

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