Bitdefender 2014 : Extreme Speed and Enhanced Security

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Bitdefender 2014

Normally, Bitdefender release new products close to May, June and July… But this time, they have started their work a lot earlier! The new Bitdefender 2014 have already entered the beta stage! You can now help them test this new product and win a Galaxy S III, HP Envy dv6 laptop or a Nexus 10 tablet!

The new 2014 version have a new Adaptive Scanning Technology which will improve the speed and performance by great amounts.

A new feature named Wallet will now save your sensitive information like user names and passwords and auto fill them like saved passwords in your browser. But this method is more safer than the browser and I think they save these credentials in their servers so we can access them in any machine we use.

Another new feature coming with Bitdefender 2014 is Weekly Reports… These reports will give a detailed overview about your system’s security in the past week.

With that, they have improved many other existing features and they have also made the UI more smoother. A slightly better look!

The list of features are not that big. But according to Bitdefender, this is the fastest product they have released. Might be the fastest anti-virus! The reason for this speed is the cloud. They have moved most of their anti-virus signatures to the cloud to obtain higher speeds. It’s very important to have a fast anti-virus in your system because if its slow and resource hungry, it can slow down the whole system! So, this will be a very big improvement! We are waiting for the stable release for a full review!