Will Tablets Make Laptops Obsolete?

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It seems not so long ago that the only option for a personal computer was the bulky monitor and tower. Then we saw the emergence of the laptop, which was supposed to revolutionize the PC, allowing us to travel with our computer and take our work where we couldn’t before, causing some to speculate that the tower computer would be phased out as an antiquated piece of technology. However, the tower computer is still around, only in different shapes and sizes. Oddly though, it took half the time since the first laptop to see tablets as it did to see the first laptop since the emergence of the personal computer. This exponential rate of growth is now causing some to believe that the tablet will phase out the laptop as the new, quick and efficient travel computer.

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Some may think that as more technological advancements are made in the personal computer and tablet market in shorter periods of time, previous technology is more likely to become obsolete. A recent survey by Poll Position showed that of 1,155 people asked if they believe tablets will take the place of laptop computers, 46 percent responded yes, 35 percent responded no and 19 percent had no opinion.

According to this poll, people believe that innovative tablets like the BlackBerry PlayBook may, in the near future, replace the laptop. There are reasons to believe that this could happen. Work-and-play tablets like the BlackBerry PlayBook have as many options and features. It boasts a powerful dual-core 1GHz processor, an impressive 1GB of RAM and 1080p resolution, which does compete with laptop capabilities. There are more basic but necessary features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS on the tablet. It has music playback, photo and video formatting just like those found in laptops and cord jacks like HDMI, a micro USB connector and a magnetic charging port. These features and an 8.5-hour battery life seem to make the case that the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet may, one day, make the laptop obsolete.

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The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet may be lightweight and compact, easier to use while on the go and have all the features and processing speed to compete with what laptops offer but tablets do lack certain parts that laptops have, which make laptops more user friendly in certain situations. When someone needs to make changes to a report or presentation before a meeting, update a spreadsheet or access multiple programs on a home window while working, having the physical keyboard and mouse of a laptop will undoubtedly make this work easier than using a tablet’s on-screen keyboard.

Today, it is not uncommon for someone to own and use a home tower computer, work laptop, personal tablet and smartphone. For now, it can be said that tablets have not replaced the laptop but offer advantages that laptops cannot compete with, making both a vital part of our daily life.