Say Hello to Ubuntu Smart Phone OS!

Ubuntu Smart Phone OS Ubuntu Smart Phone OS

Canonical have just introduced the Ubuntu Phone OS! A completely new and a cool system which fits into your smart phone. This is what we want… New innovations from the Linux community which can rock the world. This new OS isn’t going to follow the others… Its going to be something totally new!

First, there’s no lock screen! There’s only a welcome screen which is also secure and easy to use. If you move your finger to the left, you’ll get the Unity launcher! A new customizable home screen… Web apps combined with Native Apps… One touch to access your favorite apps… All four edges of the phone used to do stuff… A cool full screen mode… Wow… it’s just starting… Mark Shuttleworth introduce each and every feature of this new Ubuntu for phones very clearly. There are more stuff… These are only the first things he introduced… What can we see next? How cool can it get?

Ubuntu Mobile OS Ubuntu Mobile OS

Mobile platform is not new  to Linux because Android is based on Linux and they have integrated some of the mobile stuff right into the kernel. So, Ubuntu have the setup they want… But they are going to do something new. It’s totally unique just like their desktop OS. One thing is for sure… Microsoft, Apple and Google still blame each other for copying. But I don’t think they can blame Ubuntu. I think it will become a very strong opponent for all of them. In the end of this year or in the first part of 2014, we’ll get the first Ubuntu only phone. But can we install it on our existing Android devices? We need to check that out!

Now, sit back and watch this introduction video which explains every cool feature of Ubuntu for Phones :

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