Samsung Did Not Copy Apple Willfully : Judge Lucy Koh

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Samsung vs Apple Image Source : arodlob

We didn’t hear much about the big battle between Apple and Samsung in the past few months. Things went silent for some time… But today, we got some important updates!

Earlier, Apple claimed that Samsung infringed their patents. Apple filed this case in several courts. Some like the UK court ruled in favour of Samsung. But the US court took the side of Apple. So, Samsung have to pay $1 Billion for Apple! With this verdict, Samsung requested for a re-trial. They claimed that the Jury is unfair… Apple also claimed that the fine is too small and asked to increase it! Now, the court have answered these requests…

At first, Judge Lucy Koh have denied Samsung’s re-trial requests saying that ”A new trial would be contrary to the interests of justice”. Bad news for Samsung…

Next, she have ruled that Samsung didn’t infringe some of the Apple patents willfully. This is a big No to the requests made by Apple to increase the charges. This mean,¬†Samsung thought they were doing the right thing even when they infringe the patents. One reason for this is the validity of Apple’s patents. Samsung claim that some of the patents owned by Apple are invalid. We also saw how the patent office invalidated some Apple patents recently.

So, does this mean Samsung won’t have to pay the damages for Apple? No! They still got to pay the previous $1 Billion damages for Apple. So, what do you think about this trial?