How to Reinstall Windows 8 in Few Steps Without the Installation Media

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Earlier, if you need to reset everything in your machine, you will format your disks and install Windows from the installation DVD or the USB. If you have a notebook, then you have to do it through the recovery manager. But if you are using Windows 8, you don’t have to get into much trouble…

Windows 8 can also be installed in Tablets. In tablets, we can’t insert any CD or DVD if we need to reset the device. For example, Android provides a special option named “Factory Reset” which will delete everything from the phone or the tablet and put it back to the factory condition. Windows 8 also need a feature like this if they need to put it into a tablet. So, they have it…

Not only on tablets, but you will also get this feature in your desktops… If you need to refresh your PC, Windows 8 offer two options :

  1. Refresh without effecting the files : Your files and personalization settings will be saved. But the PC settings will be changed back to the defaults. All the third party apps you installed will also be removed except for all the apps installed through the Windows Store.

  2. Remove everything and re-install Windows : This option will remove all your files and settings and reset the machine to its factory conditions! If you are going with this, don’t forget to backup your files and apps.

How To Reset Windows 8 :

  • First, go to Start (To the Metro interface) and type “Reset”

  • Now select “Settings” on the right

  • Next select Remove everything and re-install Windows or Refresh Your PC from the search results


Again I strongly recommend you to backup any of your data before doing this. It will remove everything from your machine. But still if you are not satisfied with this and want to do a full format like me, you are free to do it! If you want to format just to gain some speed, then this method is ok. But if you are trying to get rid of a virus, I recommend doing a full format and installing Windows 8 from the original installation media!

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