Five Cool Pieces of Technology to Look Forward to in 2013

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2013 may be the Year of the Snake for the Chinese, but it’s definitely the Year of the Gadget for tech lovers. With a wide array of new technologies coming onto the scene, we can bet that many enthusiasts are weeping over how much money they will have to invest on these new toys in the New Year.

From smartphones to tablets to Apple TV, 2013 is perhaps one of the most exciting years that tech has ever had. However, with so many different pieces of tech available, it can be hard to keep track of what to get and what to forego. If you’re struggling with the sheer amount of technology available, here are five pieces of technology that you can’t miss next year.

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface Microsoft Surface

Microsoft took a big gamble in 2013 with Windows 8 –the company overhauled the Windows operating system in favour of a slicker, more intuitive user interface catered towards touch screens. Surface is the next addition to that: a tablet that combines the functionality of a keyboard (which also doubles as a tablet case) with capabilities originally only available on PCs. Microsoft Surface comes in a bright range of colours and is made for information on the go – whether you choose to store your personal information on the SkyDrive or your company’s in formation with Macquarie Telecom, this gadget gives you portability like no other.

Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920 Lumia 920

The former phone giant Nokia has made a comeback, and we couldn’t be more delighted to hear it. Like the Surface, the Lumia is Nokia’s big re-entry into the smartphone world and uses the Windows operating system to provide a unique, streamlined experience. With Carl Zeiss lens, an 8.7 megapixel camera, and wireless phone charging via a charging plate, this phone is definitely worth keeping an eye out for in the New Year.

Apple Big Screen TV

Not to be confused with the AppleTV set top box, Apple TV has been in the pipeline for a while. 2013 seems to be the year when Apple TV may finally make its entrance into the mainstream market, and what a grand entrance it would be. Rumoured to currently be in the early stages of testing, this is a gadget many will be taking a bite out of should it surface next year.

A new video games console?

Yet another rumour that has been in the pipeline for a while, 2013 will most likely see the birth of either Sony or Microsoft’s next-gen console. 2011 and 2012 were both the year of Nintendo – the 3DS and WiiU made great strides for gaming – but from here on, it’s all about the big two. While these consoles won’t surface at the same time, it’s more than likely at least one will rear its electronic head in 2013.

Leap Motion

Remember in The Avengers when Tony Stark was controlling his computer with his hands? That future may be closer than you think with Leap Motion. A small sensor about the size of your hand, Leap Motion senses three-dimensional movements that your fingers make and allows you to interact with your computer in a new way. Use it to pinch-to-zoom in 3D space, or to help you with modelling in engineering or navigating in gaming. The possibilities are endless – whet your appetite by pre-ordering it here.

Harrison Chung is a tech writer who has already pre-ordered his Leap Motion. He’s excited about the possibilities it contains – plus, it’ll be great for his online gaming needs.