LG - Life’s Good and It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This

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Life’s Good and looking good could be said about the company or about the sleek consumer electronics which the company manufactures. The latest in a long line of sleek, beautiful Smartphones the LG Optimus L9 is, like its predecessor is a lifestyle choice.

What makes a good cell phone?

That is a difficult question to answer but whatever the answer(s) is you can bet your life the latest LG touchscreen handset has what it takes in droves. It is like asking what makes something a work of art or why is beauty only in the eye of the beholder? Questions which have so many possible answers we could be here all day pondering life’s imponderables. Let’s look at the latest LG touchscreen handset (the Optimus L9) and see if we can decipher the answer.

Slim line

If slim is attractive and all powerful the Optimus has it in bundles; at only one third of an inch in depth it is light, easy to handle and slips unobtrusively into a purse, a bag or pocket. If slim line equates to comfort and styling, the Optimus is crafted ergonomically to neatly fit into the palm of your hand. This neat, compact design allows easy ‘thumbing’ of the screen without having to use the index finger of your other hand.

Screen size

Does size matter? Well yes if you’re talking about the screen of a Smartphone. With a four and a half inch display and a crystal clear image, even with moving images such as movie and TV streaming, the screen delivers a powerful punch. HD video and HD still images are reproduced with all the clarity you would expect from one of Life’s Good Smartphones.

Hooking up

One of the great bonus features of the latest model LG touchscreen phone is how it interacts with a TV from the same stable. If you connect and stream a movie or TV program on the Optimus, you can also stream it via one of their smart TVs. The Optimus is a games station, entertainment center and all in one comms device more befitting a sci-fi movie than present day real life.

Keeping in touch with friends, family and business colleagues and associates is easy with fast, powerful connections to social media. And of course, if you’re somewhere unfamiliar the powerful processor makes GPS map output a cinch. As a lifestyle choice, judging from the high volume sales of companies such as T-Mobile stores, the latest LG handsets are real winners.

A fast paced world

The world we live in seems to get faster as each day passes; ‘patience is a virtue’ seems to have been consigned to the trash can. With an Optimus L9 hooked up to the latest 4G roll out you will never lose touch, neither will you be left hanging on data, email or SMS downloads. Oh yes, you can also make crystal clear voice and video calls too.

LG isn’t just ‘Looking Good’ but it delivers good too. More than just a cell phone, this Smartphone is smart. Try LG; you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

Graham Green is a freelance writer, reviewer and blogger and regularly reviews and researches the latest offerings for consumers such as the LG Optimus L9 and LG touchscreen phone.