Private Surfing Using a Proxy

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They are watching... They are watching…

Unless you are a complete and utter novice to the Internet, you must by now be aware of the fact that every time you perform a search, use a “free” program such as ICQ and Facebook, or surf a website you are being monitored.

Really, are you so naïve as to think that a short time after looking at the specifications for your dream BMW that you are inundated with BMW advertisements on your computer screen? Also, these advertisements are localized, meaning that the advertiser knows where you live. They not only know where you live, they more than likely know your age, marital status, profession, how many children you have and their ages, approximate annual income, and more data that they use to compile a profile of you. Scary, isn’t it? Well, guess what, you don’t know the half of it.

This data has been conscientiously gathered all in the name of offering you, the Net surfer, a more personal and tailored web experience. At least that’s the official line of the big search engines. Their being able to maximize their advertising revenue from pay per click advertising and the like has absolutely nothing to do with this Big Brother-like behavior. Pardon my cynicism, but if you believe that then I have $5 billion in a bank account in Nigeria that I can also have released to a U.S. bank and upon the payment of a $5,000 fee. If you would be so kind to forward the $5,000 and your bank account details I would be glad to share this wealth with you.

OK, I think by now you get the idea. This brilliant invention, the Internet, which plays such a central part in your life, is a spy in your living room. So is there a way to surf the Net in a private manner without being detected?  So glad you asked. Yes there is, and the solution is a proxy server.

A proxy server is a server that sits between you and the Internet and hides your unique IP address that is used to track your movements on the Internet. When using a proxy, your searches are sent first to the proxy which forwards the request and receives the responses from the other servers. It then forwards the results to you. Consequently, your IP address is not disclosed and you can surf privately.

There are many types of proxy service available, including free proxy. It is best to pay a reasonable sum and use a premium proxy service though and not have to contend with things such as constant advertising.

Image Source : evinella