Linus Torvalds Want to Try KDE Again! Won't He Ever Go Back to Gnome?

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Linus Torvalds Image Source : Thierry Ehrmann

With the release of Gnome 3, the Father of Linux, Linus Torvalds declared war on Gnome and went to try Xfce which is a lighter desktop with fewer options than Gnome. He really hated the big change. He wanted the old desktop back. Now, he had given up Xfce and trying to settle with KDE!

KDE is my first desktop. But soon settle with Gnome when trying Ubuntu. After that, never wanted to go back because I think KDE is over loaded. Too much…

Linus still think that its ‘cartoony’ and some of its behaviours still annoys him…

It still looks a bit too cartoony, and the default widget/plasmoid behavior with mouse-over pretty much immediately showing the controls for it annoys the hell of me. You can lock the widgets down and they calm down and act normal, but it’s some really odd and distracting default behavior.

-Linus Torvalds

KDE is very famous for its configurability. You can configure it in any way you like. But, according to Linus, some configuration options are ‘odd’…

Like being able to rotate those desktop widgets any which way you want. “I wonder what that odd rotation thing on the widget control bar does? Whee - trippy”.

As a result, right now my terminal and web browser buttons look like a drunken fratboy has been messing with my desktop. I suspect I’ll turn them back to their boring upright position (because that’s how I roll - boring), but for now I’m mildly amused by the sheer whimsicality of it all.

-Linus Torvalds

Really… Why do we need to rotate the widgets? Does any one of you turn your monitor upside down? Then we does need to rotate the widgets. Sometimes, there might be a use for it that we can’t think of.

Still, I don’t think Linus will return to Gnome for a very long time. Or will he? Will he also try Unity on his quest to find a better desktop?