Ubuntu 12.10 : How to Install New Software Right From the Dash

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The New Ubuntu 12.10 have some cool hidden tricks which can help you a lot to ease your work. They are in the process of putting more and more features into Unity. The latest addition might be able to replace the Ubuntu Software Center!

Earlier, we can use the Applications Lens to launch any app installed in our system. So it replaced the Application menu. But the latest version of Ubuntu added some cool new features to it. Now, you can use this lens to view the details and rating of any installed app. Not only installed, it can be used to view details of any software which you can find in your installed repositories. The most important feature is, you can now use this details screen to Install or Uninstall any app from the Dash. Very easy and straightforward.

  • Go to the dash and click on the “Application Lens” from the buttons at the bottom of the screen :

Application Lens Icon Application Lens icon located at the bottom of the Dash

  • Now type the name of the app you want to view, install or remove.

  • To get to the details, simply¬†right-click the app.

App Details App Details

Now you can use this details screen to easily install or remove any software. Click “Free Download” button to install and the “Uninstall” button to remove. Like the new way of installing Software? Leave a comment and let us know!