How To Easily Install Safari in Linux (The new Updated Guide)

Safari in Linux

Last year we showed you how to install the Apple’s Safari browser on Ubuntu. We had to manually install some dependencies and setup the environment before installing it. At that time it worked. But now, it have some problems… So, I decided to find a new way to do this. So, instead of doing the manual work, today we are going to use a small app to help us.

If we use Wine directly like what we did earlier, we have to do manual work. But Play On Linux have a lot of templates which will automatically prepare the environment for us. It’s very easy… Easier than before…

First, lets install Play On Linux :

Play On Linux is available for most of the popular Linux distributions. To get it, simply follow the instructions in their download page : (Note : If you are an Ubuntu user, you’ll have this software on your official repositories. But, I recommend you to use the instructions in the link to get the latest version)

Next, its time to install Safari :

  • Open Play On Linux and click Install


  • Now, Under Internet, select Safari and click Install

Internet > Safari

  • When going through the Wizard, it will first download and install the required packages. Let it do that…

  • Next you have to select whether you want to Download the program (Play On Linux will automatically download and install Safari) or download it manually and select Use a setup file in my computer (In this method, you can get the latest version). In here, select the first option Download the program because it will download the version of Safari which is compatible with Linux. I tried the new version and it didn’t work!

Download the program

  • Now, it will open the normal Safari setup wizard. In here, untick Install Bonjour for Windows and Automatically update safari…

Untick these options...

  • After completing the wizard, you should have Safari installed! An icon will be automatically added to your desktop

Lest do some tweaking :

By default, the fonts are not smooth. So, to fix that…

  • Click on the Settings (top right tooth-wheel icon) > Preferences > Go to the Appearance menu

  • Now under Font smoothing, select “Light

For Font smoothing, select

Now you should have a working Safari on your system. But remember that browsers which have released special versions for Linux like Chrome and Firefox can work much better than Safari running inside Wine!

Now if you face any problems while following this guide, please ask it on our forum and we’ll be happy to help!

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