Twitter Updates TweetDeck and Now its Finally free of Air!

TweetDeck Standalone Installer

If you are a Twitter fan, then most probably, you’ll be using TweetDeck to keep tweeting. Earlier, we had to install Adobe Air in order to run TweetDeck because its built on Air. Recently, Twitter bought TweetDeck and made it the official Twitter Desktop client. So, while re-designing their site, they have also decided to change things in TweetDeck.

I think you already know that Twitter is rolling out a brand new design. A more simple home page and more cool stuff for tweeting. This redesign is not limited for the site. They have also released new Android and iPhone apps and have also updated TweetDeck.

As I said earlier, now TweetDeck don’t need Air. If you go to their site, now you’ll be able do download separate installer packages for Windows and Mac. Now, it can be installed just like any other standalone software. But there’s one problem… Where’s the Linux version? I think the Linux users have to wait or they can use the Chrome App. Ah wait a minute, there’s wine! I just tried it with Wine and it worked perfectly. Loaded faster than in Windows!

Earlier, TweetDeck’s main color is yellow. In the black interface, most of the buttons and the logos were yellow. But now, since its owned by Twitter, they have changed yellow to the blue color used in Twitter.


I don’t know whether you’ll like this or not but the new TweetDeck doesn’t have the tweeting section at the top. If you need to Tweet, you need to click on the blue icon with a small quill at the top. On the plus side, it give more room for the columns.


That’s not all… There are some more tiny changes in this new version. You better download it and try it out before leaving any comments!

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