Linus Torvalds Has Finally Changed His Mind About Gnome 3!

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Linus Torvalds

On August, Linus (The Father of Linux) got fed up trying to work with Gnome 3 and he ditched it. He said that the lightweight minimal desktop Xfce is better! Many people faced this problem while trying to deal with the new Gnome Shell. But, gradually, third party Shell Extensions have started to change this and we saw how much they can change things from Linux Mint 12!

Yesterday, we wrote about the new Gnome Shell Extension website which will be the market place for all Gnome Shell Extensions. These extensions can change your desktop and make it work in your way. More power and more customizable!

Now, Linus have posted a status update on his Google+ account saying that these extensions are making gnome 3.2 more usable! He is starting to like it :

Hey, with gnome-tweak-tool and the dock extension, gnome-3.2 is starting to look almost usable.

Now I just hope those things become part of the standard gnome shell setup and made available in the regular “system config” thing rather than hidden off. Sure, make them default to off if you want that “clean default”, but make them easy to find and part of the standard install.

Or would that be too close to “Ok, we admit we were wrong” and thus not politically acceptable?

-Linus Torvalds

He is right… These extensions can change everything. Earlier, we had to use the Gnome Tweak tool to install and configure these plugins. But now, the official Gnome Shell Extension website can be used to disable and enable these plugins. It would be great if they can make a small desktop tool to manage the extensions. I think things will get better very soon! So, the best thing we can do is wait and see!