Add Keyboard Shortcuts in Linux : Lets Change the Volume for a Start!

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Key Board Shortcuts

One day I added some songs to my playlist and started listening. Since my sister was also there in the room playing in the other PC, I used my phone’s headset to listen to the music! If you have listened to music, you’ll know that one song can have a higher volume than the other. So, to keep my ear from exploding, I had to adjust the volume several times. If I used the Laptop, it have shortcuts to control the volume! But, what about a PC without a multimedia keyboard?

To solve that problem, we’ll have to set up keyboard shortcuts manually! It will be very useful if you can set your own keyboard shortcuts. It can make you more productive. It will cut off the time you take to search through menus to do a job! So, lets see how to do this :

  • Simply, open your Unity dash or the Shell and search for ”keyboard

  • Click on ”Keyboard” and you’ll see the keyboard settings window

  • See the second tab named ”Shortcuts”? Go to that tab

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • In here, you can select a section you want and set or change shortcuts to existing actions. Simply click on the action you want to edit and click on the shortcut on the right and add the shortcut you want through the keyboard

  • To solve our original problem, go to the section named  ”Sound and Media” to add volume control shortcuts

  • If you want to put shortcuts to custom actions (For example, to launch an app), simply go to the ”Custom Shortcuts” section at the bottom