Difference between iPhone 4S vs iPhone 3GS

iPhone 4S vs iPhone 3GS

You must be an Apple lover and a big fan of Apple products. Today, we are not going to discuss anything new about the Apple product but instead of that, we will be giving you a comparison between iPhone 4S that is just launched and iPhone 3GS that is more than a year old now. This comparison will let you know that how many things have been changed in new iPhone 4S. So keep reading and you will learn about many things that are now available in iPhone 4S that were never available 2 years ago.

Processor Chip

iPhone 3GS has used simple A3 chip whereas when we talk about the iPhone 4S then it is containing Dual-core A5 Chip.

Apple iPhone 3GS is supported by only one network and that is at&t however, if you will consider the iPhone 4S then there are 3 big carriers that have decided to support this new device. So, all those people who have been looking for some change in carrying services. Different companies that are ready to launch Apple iPhone 4S are; at&t, Sprint, Verizon.


iPhone 3GS is only available in black color whereas on the other hand, iPhone 4S has got white and black color.


There has been no much change in dimensions of iPhones so far. iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S, both have almost same dimenstions.


Apple iPhone 3GS had only 3 Mega Pixel camera having auto focus and tap to focus service. However, iPhone 4S has seen some serious changes. The biggest change is that, it has got the 8 mega pixel camera already. Other features of this camera are; autofocus, Led Flash, Tap to Focus, Backside illuminator sensor, Face Detection, Five-Element Lens. There is a front camera as well that has VGA resolution.

Video Calling

There is no video calling facility available in iPhone 3GS but if we talk about iPhone 4S then it offers a video calling facility over Wi-Fi connection very easily.

Video Recording

The video recording resolution of iPhone 3GS is 480p 30 fps. These specifications are very good in iPhone 4S for example; 1080 p 30 fps, Tap to focus while recording, Led Light and video stabilization.


The resolution of iPhone 3Gs was only 468/320 p.  The resolution of iPhone 4S have been revised. The resolution of iPhone 4S is 960x640.

Battery life

If you are talking on 3G then talk time ay go up to 5 hours. The time can be increased to 12 hours if you are using 2G network. The stand by time of iPhone 3GS is approximately 300 hours. Now, let’s come to the iPhone 4S that is having a 8 hours batter talking time. This time will be increased and become 14 hours if 2G networksare used. The standby time of this handset is up to 200 hours.

The comparison between these two smartphones that has been shown above will be very helpful for you or anyone who is planning to buy an iPhone but he is not sure which model to buy.

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