Scratch Proof Asus Transformer Pad

Eee Pad Transformer TF101

Everyone is getting excited about pads and I think it’s only natural since there are lot of things that can be done from a Pad rather than a laptop, desktop or a mobile. But pads also carries the weighty problem of not being not so mobile – Like phones are small and the actual mobility part seems to be missing because of Pads sizes.

More than that Phones are easy to protect since they are small. The area to protect is small and users thus feel safe and most won’t be worrying about damaging there mobile. But Pads are different probability to drop or scratch the screen is also very high. So in the below video about Asus Transformer pad you’ll see the guy literally trying to blow the Pad of with nuts, coins and what ever he can(in the end he succeeds by shooting an arrow at the Pad… What a waste). The new Asus Transformer Pad’s scratch proof screen is really good for users since it’ll be easy to use. And won’t be having much problems since you can just slide it down your backpack without having to get your Pad case, opening it and putting in the pad into the case and in the end pack the case to the bag. Slide it in… That’ll make it hell lot easier.

Now what do you guys think about this? And about the guy destroying a good pad out of sheer pleasure….

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