Malware on Hardware?

Malware on Hardware?

You probably have heard about Malware that creeps around the internet and destroying millions of unprotected computers. We only considered the possibility that the Malware will be Software oriented and used some I/O(Input/Output) mechanism to enter to our systems. But then what about on-board built Malware. Is there such a possibility? Malware that’ll be planted deep with in circuitry so that no third-party software diagnosis will work.

C’mon we have seen Stuxnet destroying couple of Iranian Uranium Centrifuges. If you haven’t heard about Stuxnet you should check out my Motiongraphic post about the Stuxnet virus. the So next can even be the government or the military. That’s why we need to protect ourself against Hardware malware too. This interesting post at HP states a lot of facts about this issue.

In the post it is mentioned that DHS National Protection and Programs Directorate Greg Schaffer states that both Homeland Security and White House believes that Hardware sold inside US contain Spyware, Malware and other Malicious programs installed on them.

That is why it’s very important to purchase Hardware equipment only from trusted dealers and manufacturers. You might think that personal computer won’t have much of a risk but what will be the case if your personal computer is falsely mentioned as the Computer of the culprit since Malware sure in performing such ugly stunts.

What do you think about the arising problems due to Security risks and other Computer virus related problems? Will they crumble the society that we have spent lot of time building?

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