Google Blocks all Domain Names!

Google’s recent actions taken to abolish sites with a subdomain from Google search results were put in place to address issues concerning the integrity of many site users. Anyone familiar with the effects of spyware and malware, or malicious software, knows that spamming can cost users their personal, financial, and otherwise confidential information. Additionally, these programs can render many different programs virtually useless, causing significant harm to the unfortunate victim of spamming. By blocking domain users from searches, Google has taken a firm stance against online criminal activity.

For some bloggers in the market to buy a domain name, may no longer seem like an appealing source. Although was known for providing free domains, easily accessible accounts, DNS service, and bulk sign-up assistance, the removal of these sites from Google is certain to take a toll on its former popularity. Spammers who intended to spread viral data or hack personal information by setting up a account were able to do so while procuring several thousand domain names at a reduced price in order to perpetuate their criminal deeds.

Google has indicated that approximately 40% of the viral attacks taking place can be attributed to sites operating with a subdomain. In order to assist in the cessation of further malware attacks, Google is targeting these sites to be blocked from search results. Fundamentally, these changes in criterion will effect the disappearance of any blogs with a subdomain for Google searchers.

Being taken out of the mainstream searches right alongside the phishers or spammers ultimately affects not only these criminals, but unfortunate bloggers who for various reasons have based their websites in a subdomain. Some blog owners who wish to continue to offer their blogs to the mainstream public have conveyed their frustration at not being given a just opportunity to cater to potential new readers who would now have great difficulty locating their blogs. To remedy this, many blog owners are expected to try to continue their efforts using different domains.

Not only do sincere .co.ccbased blog owners have to deal with their material being largely unavailable to new readers, they also sustain frustrations due to other hardships associated with changing an established domain. It is supposed that most honest blog owners who chose to use a subdomain did so because of the lack of fees. In some cases, blog owners may not be able to afford paying fees for domain names with other companies. It is also reasonable to assume that the transfer of information already established in this domain to a new domain may be difficult, in addition to the fact that a domain transfer may cause a blog owner to lose followers.

Despite these issues, Google maintains its firm stance on the matter, and it is expected that the benefits of keeping sites out of Google searches will be greater than the disadvantages caused to blog owners. Future threats of malware attack are expected to show a significant decrease in the following months, crystallizing the value and stability of Google searches for users.

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