IObit Game Booster Give Away (10 Keys | Worth Over $99)

Game Booster 2

A Game is a big Application which consumes a huge amount of system resources. Sometimes it takes everything your machine have to offer. Most of the time, its hard for us to provide enough speed and memory for these big resource eaters. So, we go for a new PC… But, Game Booster is built to solve this problem in a cheaper way!

Game Booster can temporarily clean your system, reduce the memory usage and the CPU usage, and make sure that your Game have all the resources it needs. Usually, every Game wants us to use the latest drivers specially for our VGA. Game Booster can also check and help you update these drivers to the latest version. It have a lot of tools and also will suggest many useful apps used by regular gamers such as Steam.

In the past, we wrote great reviews about this little software twice. So, if you want to learn more, read those articles :

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The Give Away :

Are you a Gamer? Want this little app? Well, today is your luck day… Today, we are going to start an event which will give you 10 free keys of IObit Game Booster 2! So, want to be one of the 10 lucky winners? Then you have to :

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The Winners :

  • Chea Sovanreach

  • Malkhaz Abuladze

  • Kurt Winkler

  • Tony Tsang

  • Norm Orhan

  • hacktohell

  • Varun

  • HitMe WithIt

  • Wolfson

  • DeNy

Everyone, this give away is now over! We have just selected the 10 lucky winners and they’ll experience the power of the Game Booster soon! If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we have more give-aways coming-up!

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