Crouching Google, Hidden Facebook

Facebook Vs. Google

We have seen Facebook and Google lash back at each for couple of months now and now it’s getting worse. The latest news states that Facebook has hired a PR firm to inform the public about Google’s constant infringement of privacy policies. The agent from Burson-Marsteller tried to hook up a popular blogger Chris Soghoian to spread the ideas about Google.

But the campaign backfired when Chris boldly decided to publish the emails from the PR firm. In one of these emails it is mentioned

Google, as you know, has a well-known history of infringing on the privacy rights of America’s Internet users. Not a year has gone by since the founding of the company where it has not been the focus of front-page news detailing its zealous approach to gathering information -– in many cases private and identifiable information — about online users

But the issue is not only Google, Facebook has let millions of users information get passed to third parties because Facebook allows developers who embed applications in frames to access User’s profile. Well this is a serious concern. Symantec has discovered this security issue and had warned Facebook about it and now it’s fixed but who know about the information abuse that might have occurred.

So what I can tell is that both parties are doing some crazy stuff with privacy and user information. We don’t know what it is for sure. I sure respect Google for it’s awesome support for developers and enjoys Facebook like all of us. But the problem is that these services must protect information about there users. Otherwise we are handing in potentially a lot of information about our selves to companies than to our loved ones. For algorithms find your interests, fantasies, and many other stuff. Who would want that information to be passed away to completely unknown people. Even Mashable comments that “hiring a PR agent to try to influence bloggers to write negative press about a competitor — that’s a PR catastrophe of the highest degree.” We will have to pay lot of attention when it comes to web now. So my advice and following principle. Don’t play games on Facebook….(Don’t know if this is too bitter but that’s something that works like magic (^–^)b)

via Mashable

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