4 Unity Themes and 2 Icon Packs to Decorate Ubuntu 11.04

Unity Themes & Icon Packs

Linux is well-known for providing its users with the ability to customize the OS the way they want. Unlike for Windows, Linux have a huge amount of user built themes which we can download for free. Earlier, people built themes for Gnome and KDE. But now, do we have themes for Gnome 3 and Unity? Well, the answer is “Yes”. I have seen a lot of themes coming out for Gnome 3, but still Unity is a bit less popular…

Today, I just managed to find 4 Unity themes and 2 icon packs. Unfortunately, these themes can’t do much damage to your Unity Launcher which is one of the main parts of Unity. The only change you can see in the launcher is the icon change. Still I don’t think they are better than the Gnome 3 skins. (I’ll write about a bunch of Gnome 3 skins later).

The 4 Unity Themes :

Ian Santopietro :

A clean and a minimal theme which won’t change much. It will change the look of the top menu bar. No icon packs associated! To install this theme :

  • First, open the Terminal (Enter “terminal” in Unity’s search box) and enter the following commands to install the theme :
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:isantop/iansanto-ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install unity-theme
  • Next, go to “Appearance Preferences” (Right click on the desktop and select “Change Desktop Background” ) and select the “Theme” tab. Finally, select “Unity”. (For more information on how to change the themes in Ubuntu, please refer to this article : Ubuntu Customization Guide : Purple Boy)

Ian Santopietro

Elementary, Orta and Minty Freshness :

Derived from their own GTK themes. Actually, this will change most of your desktop except for the launcher. For this themes to work, you have to install the elementary icon pack (mentioned below).

Now, WebUpd8 have a very descriptive tutorial on how to install these two themes on Ubuntu : (No PPAs, You have to download the package, run the script and set your desktop theme to “Ambiance”. Don’t worry, its easy!)



Minty Freshness

The 2 Icon Packs :

None of the above themes come with icon packs by default (Like Elegant Gnome). So, you have to install them separately. But, Elementry, Orta and Minty Freshness asks for the elementry icon pack. (For more information on how to install Icons, please refer to this article : Ubuntu Customization Guide : Purple Boy (Its the same way as you installe themes in that article))

Download Elementary icons

Download Faenza Gnome Icon Theme

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