Ubuntu : What do You Think About Unity? [Poll Results]

What do you think about Unity?

Earlier we got to know that Ubuntu is trying to reconsider about making Unity the default shell for Natty Narwhal. Due to several bugs and frequent crashes, the team have called a meeting to discuss this issue… While they are discussing that, we launched a small poll to get the opinion of the normal users about Unity. Many have answered the poll and the results are really interesting…

From the beginning I thought that people like Unity. According to the comments we see on social networks, it looks like Unity is very popular. But, mostly, only professionals leave comments like that. So, we decided to create a poll and got really interesting results :

Poll Results

Very interesting… Most of our readers want to see the old Gnome shell rather than Unity! Why is this? Is it because of the crashing? I think there’s something else. Why many people find it difficult to move from Windows to Linux? Some say that Linux is not user friendly but its not true. Recently, Linux have evolved a lot. Now it have everything a normal user wants. But why its hard to drop Windows? If you have to leave your home, leave your family and move to a different place… it’ll be really hard for you right? Well, for most of the Windows users, its like their home. So, moving away from that environment to a new one is not easy! I think this might be one of the reasons why people need the old Gnome shell back. What do you think?

Recently, WebUpd8 have confirmed that Ubuntu is going to have Unity by default. But, you will be able to switch back to the Gnome shell through the login screen.

Now, we made a poll for people to vote secretly. But now, its time to come out and leave your opinion as comments like a man! My question is, what do you think about Unity?

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