How To Recover Lost Passwords With Google Chrome and Firefox

I lost my password!

One of the biggest problems we have while using a computer is passwords! When we signup to many services, we always recommend to use different passwords for each and every service. But, the problem is, how to store these things in our memory? When it gets overloaded, you forgets your password and gets locked out of your accounts! How many times did you create new accounts due to memory problems?

Most of the time, if there’s no way of resetting your password, you might have to create a new one. Or, reset the password, go to your email, click on the reset link, login, change the password again… Actually, I hate to do this because, it takes some time to reset the password and change it back to a memorable one. But, when you login to a web service like this, your browser is asking to save your password. So, you don’t have to enter it again. but what if you want to try out in another browser? What if you want to use it one a different page? What if you want to format the system, but only your browser knows the password? Well, the best solution is to ask your browser to reveal your password!

Will they do it? Of course they will. Most of these web browsers have an option which will allow you to manage your saved passwords. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox will allow you to retrieve the actual password (without the masking dots or asterisks). It’s very easy, lets start with Google Chrome…

Google Chrome :

  • First, go to “Customize and Control Google Chrome” (This is the small wrench like icon located at the right corner of your address bar) > Options

  • Now, you should be at the options tab. Go to “Personal Stuff” and click on “Manage Saved Passwords”

Manage Saved Passwords

  • In here, select the website you want to recover the password. After you select it, you’ll see a “show” button on the password field. Click on it and you’ll get your memory back!

Firefox :

  • First, go to Tools > Options (In Firefox 4, Firefox > Options > Options)

  • In the “Options” windows, go to the security tab and click on “Saved Passwords”

Saved Passwords

  • Now, click on “Show passwords” and click “Yes” if they ask to confirm it!

You might not want to use this right now. But, save it and keep it in a safe place so that you can use this on an emergency! So, now you see how your browser can save your skin? Well, these browsers can be used in many ways rather than just browsing the web. Just stick with us if you want to learn more!

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