The Best Barcode Scanner Apps for iPhones

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BarcodeThe iPhone has become the ultimate smart phone and with the right app is can accomplish everything that a PC can and more. The IPhone and it’s army of apps has infiltrated nearly every part of our daily life, from keeping the kids quite in the back seat to keeping connected with friends and family around the world, trust me the Iphone has an app for it. The iPhone has also become the weapon of choice for the frugal shopper and this list of apps has made it possible to always know you are getting the best deal. Did you ever get the feeling you paid too much for something as soon as you leave a shop, well add one of these fantastic barcode scanner apps and I will guarantee that will never happen again.

Red Laser

Red Laser is a very new barcode scanner app for the iPhone that outperforms all the others with its quick results and ease of functioning. The name of the app reveals that it is as good as the red laser checkout scanners. It offers scanning of barcodes and instant access to prices and reviews of the product in question. It also enables scanning of movies that can be watched later or books and reviews searched. This makes the iPhone a perfect shopping assistant. As a highly accurate barcode scanner of UPC and EAN barcodes, its technology is available for other apps as well. It costs only $1.99 but delivers results that make it worth a lot more.

Barcode Reader

As the name suggests Barcode reader has joined the long list of barcode scanner apps for the iPhone, but this free app makes scanning and searching a lot easier. It scans barcodes and helps to compare prices and make quick decisions about getting the best deal around. It takes just a tap on the scan logo to get started and in a few seconds price comparisons with other online stores appear on the screen. The information makes finding the cheapest price a breeze. It scores over other apps because it recognizes barcodes very fast. Optimized for the iPhone 3GS it works for older models as well.


Rated as one of the best iPhone barcode scanning apps, Pic2shop uses the video camera to scan barcodes from the iPhone. It is available free for downloading and besides scanning it searches all local and online stores for price comparisons. It is fast and provides accurate and upto date results, and is available everywhere, not being restricted to specific areas or countries


This is a great app for the diet conscious. It not only helps to scan barcodes on food items, but also immediately displays the calories that it accounts for. Meant for UPC barcodes, it helps to keep close tabs on diet and food intake.

The list of barcode scanning apps is long but all of them do not provide good results or are slower in performance, hence these are some of the best options available for barcode scanning with the iPhone.

This is a guest post by Neil Jones of eMobileScan, who are one of the uk’s leading Barcode Scanner specialists, they stock one of the largest ranges in the Uk including the Symbol LS2208