5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Dropbox Size

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Dropbox is probably the best file syncing software available for Windows, Mac and Mobile. Unlike Sugarsync it supports Linux too!. Dropbox provides only 2GB space initially but there are several ways through which you can increase its size. Here are the 5 simple ways to increase your Dropbox size.

Use “.edu” or “” or an equal student E-mail address

Dropbox loves Students ! Users who use .edu Mail address (or any student E-mail address) for referring their friends will get double credit, means instead of 250 MB bonus they get 500 MB bonus. If you already refered some of your friends and now you have an .edu Mail address then, you can get the extra 250 MB after verifying your .edu Mail address. Verify your .edu Mail address here.

Connect your social accounts with Dropbox

This is quite simple and effective too! You can get 640MB extra space through this method. There are 5 tasks  and each task will credit you 128 MB. Head on to this page and get your bonus !

Participate in DropQuest

Dropquest was a magical scavenger hunt that sent their users across Dropbox and the interwebs in order to win 1GB of space and a shot at several amazing prizes. Dropquest started out innocently enough, with step 1 asking people to complete a division problem.It credited 1GB extra space to its winners. Only 130,000 of 200,000 where able to complete it. I suggest you to subscribe to their blog so that you will be getting their next DropQuest Update.

Complete the tasks in “Getting started” page

The Dropbox getting started page has 6 tasks out of which you need to complete 5 tasks to get 250MB bonus. The tasks are very simple like Taking Dropbox Tour, Installing dropbox on your computer etc.

Refer your friends

Last but not the least, refer Dropbox to your friends. You can refer in 3 ways. They are referring by sending Mail invitation, Sharing links on FB,Twitter and Sharing your referral link directly.

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