Auto Mount your drives at System Startup in Ubuntu

Automounting Partitions

If you are using a dual-boot system you’ll always have to mount a partition before using it. It’s rather a simple process (Just a simple click) But wouldn’t it be nice to have them auto-mounted at system startup?

There are multiple ways of achieving our goal (using bash scripts etc.) But for now, let’s just concentrate on getting it done with the easiest way.

  1. Before starting, you need to have Storage Device Manager installed on your system. In order to do that, simply open up a terminal and run this command. Make sure you have upadated your system.
sudo apt-get install pysdm
  1. Now head over to System>Administration>Storage Device Manager.

  2. Extend the list of sda and select the sda you want to auto mount, click ‘OK’ to configure.

  3. Click the “Assistant” button.

Storage Device Manager

  1. Uncheck “Mount file system in read only mode” and keep “The file system is mounted at boot time” checked.

  2. Click the “Mount”, “Apply” then “Close” button, and restart the system.

In case you are not sure about naming conventions of your hard drive. Just go to System>Administration>Disk Utility. Now select the partition you want to auto-mount at the system startup and check for its mount point.

Mount point of the partition

We hope this post would come in handy!

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